All About Navratri — Its Types, Mantras, 9 Durga Names, Days Color, Puja Vidhi, Rituals

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All About Navratri — Its Types, Mantras, 9 Durga Names, Days Color, Puja Vidhi, Rituals

In this article, you will get to know all details regarding Navratri, Navratri Types, Navratri Mantras, 9 Durga Names, Navratri Days Color, Navratri Puja Vidhi, Navratri Rituals etc. And you will also get detailed brief details about Nine forms of Goddess Durga and which form of Maa Durga is worshiped on which day.

Introduction of Navratri

Navratri is a Nine days long popular Hindu festival dedicated to the NavDurga. The Nine devine nights and days of worshiping nine forms of Goddess Durga is recognise as Navratri.

During these nine days of Navratri, devotees observe fast and worship nine forms of Maa Durga. Devotees go to the temples with the desire to see the Goddess Durga and seek her blessings.

What is Navratri?

All About Navratri and Nine Goddess - What is Navratri?

Mainly Navratri is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga and her nine incarnations. It is a nine-day festival celebrated with great pomp in almost every state of India during Navratri.

In this article, you will get all the knowledge about Navratri and its Nine days long worship,

so here is some points that tells you what you learn in this article.

  • Navratri Mantra
  • What is Navratri?
  • What does Navratri means?
  • Why do we celebrate the Navratri?
  • What are the 4 types of Navratri?
  • What are the Nine Goddesses?
  • What are the 9 Nine forms of Maa Durga?
  • What are mantras for 9 Devi, Nine Goddess?
  • What are the 9 colors of Navratri?
  • Navratri Puja Vidhi
  • Navratri Bhog

What is Navratri Mantra?

Navratri Mantra or Navadurga Mantra includes the name of the incarnation of Goddess Durga along with the name of the day. From this mantra you get information about which day of Navratri is dedicated to which goddess. You can see below the verses and lyrics of Navratri Nav Durga Mantra in Sanskrit and English.

संस्कृत हिंदी English Pronunciation
प्रथमं शैलपुत्री च द्वितीयं ब्रह्मचारिणी। Prathamam Shailaputri Ch Dvitiyam Brahmachaarini.
तृतीयं चन्द्रघंटेति कूष्माण्डेति चतुर्थकम् ।। Trtiyam Chandraghanteti Kushmaandeti Chaturthakam ..
पंचमं स्क्न्दमातेति षष्ठं कात्यायनीति च। Panchamam Skndamaateti Shashtham Kaatyaayaniti Ch.
सप्तमं कालरात्रीति महागौरीति चाष्टमम् ।। Saptamam Kaalaraatriti Mahaagauriti Chaashtamam ..
नवमं सिद्धिदात्री च नवदुर्गाः प्रकीर्तिताः ।। Navamam Siddhidaatri Ch Navadurgaah Prakirtitaah ..

What does Navratri means?

"Navratri" is a Sanskrit word. Which means Nine Nights. 'Nava' means nine and 'Ratri' means nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Maa Durga are worshipped. The tenth day is famous as Dussehra.

what does the Navratri means?

What is significance of celebrate the Navratri?

Every year, on each day of Navratri, "Goddess Durga 9 incarnations" are worshiped to celebrate the victory of Maa Durga over Mahishasura and the victory of 'good over evil'. There is a legend associated with Navratri which tells about the great battle between the mighty demon Mahishasura and Goddess Durga. In which Maa Durga killed Mahishasura.

Significance of celebrate the Navratri, why do we celebrate the Navratri,
Significance of celebrate the Navratri 

How many types of Navratri are there?

There are four types of Navratri and it observes four times in a year. These four Navratri are known by the following names respectively.

Types of Navratri and its names, Navratri Names, Gupt Navratri, Navratri, Navratri information, Navratri importance, navratri significance
Types of Navratri and its names
  1. Sharad Navratri or Shardiya Navratri,
  2. Chaitra Navratri,
  3. Magha Navratri and
  4. Ashadha Navratri.

The most common and widely celebrated Navratri is Sharad Navratri or Shardiya Navratri which is from September to October and Chaitra Navratri which is from March to April respectively. Chaitra and Sharad Navratri are celebrated with more enthusiasm in various ways in different parts of the Indian cultural sphere. There have also 2 Gupt Navratri. Which are known as Magha Navratri and Ashadha Navratri.

According to the Hindu Calendar, Sharad Navratri or Shardiya Navratri begins every year in autumn from the Pratipada of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashwin. And Chaitra Navratri is celebrated every year in the spring season from Pratipada to Navami of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. The Indian New Year also begins with Chaitra Pratipada.

Names of Nine Goddess with Navratri days color

You can find below the list of Nine Goddesses with Navratri Days Colour accordingly.

Names of Nine Goddess with Navratri days colour
Navratri Day Goddess Name Color to Wear
Day 1 Shailputri Maa Yellow
Day 2 Brahmacharini Maa Green
Day 3 Chandraghanta Maa Gray
Day 4 Kushmanda Maa Orange
Day 5 Skandamata Maa White
Day 6 Katyayani Maa Red
Day 7 Kaalratri Maa Royal Blue
Day 8 Mahagauri Maa Pink
Day 9 Siddhidhatri Maa Purple Color

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Happy Navratri to all devotees. As we all know, Navratri 2022 is round the corner. We as devotees of Maa Durga, want to wish our loved ones to express our faith in goddess Durga by sharing the Navratri wishes, Navratri images, 9 Devi Images, Navdurga Mantras, Navratri Days Color, 9 Devi names with pic, etc.

Goddess Durga is also known as Gauri or Parvati. Durga is a form of Mata Parvati.

Some of us search google for Nava Durga images with names, and some of us search for 9 Devi name list Navratri. The main motive of searching about Navratri or 9 Devi is to find some relevant wishes images of Navratri. And To gain knowledge about the nine forms of goddess Durga. People can read this article to have descriptive information about Devi names with images and No Durga names photos. 9 forms for Devi Durga represent the 9 avatars of Durga.

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